We have one motto here: “More fruit makes a better wine.” As multigenerational blueberry growers, we’re proud to bring you the richest blueberry port around: Blue Blood. Using only top quality and colorful berries, Blue Blood is carefully crafted, balanced, and aged in small batches to bring out the intense flavor. Rich and decadent with a heavy body, Blue Blood uses no artificial flavors or fillers – simply a high amount of antioxidant fruit.


To produce Blue Blood we utilize varieties of blueberry that are different than its brother, Blue Silk. Although both are made with 100% juice, Blue blood is created from a combination of Rubel and Jersey blueberries, which are smaller and produce a deeper colored wine. In addition, Blue Blood is aged on the skins longer than nearly any other fruit wine, giving it a rich, deep complexity not typically found in fruit-based ports.


True to the Ruby Port style, Blue blood is fortified after fermentation with high proof spirits, and then barrel-aged until it reaches that perfect taste. Each batch of Blue Blood is aged for a different length of time, depending on when that particular batch matures. Blue Blood is a strong wine and works extremely well with strong pairings. Bleu cheese and Blue Blood create possibly the best cheese pairing we have found for any of our wines. Rich desserts are also complimented well, and smoky flavors add a wonderful layer of complexity. A Charcoal-grilled Bleu Cheese Burger with a dark chocolate truffle tart dessert is truly an ideal pairing.


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