Holiday Appetizer Ideas

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The holiday season is here and our calendar is filled with parties and get togethers. It’s the most wonderful — and hectic — time of the year. Let us help you out with some of our ideas — and a few great recipes we found — to wow your hosts and guests everywhere you go this season. Pick out a bottle of Tanglewood wine and a holiday appetizer from below and you’re good to go! Happy Holidays!

Classic Charcuterie

A charcuterie board is always a great choice. Depending on what other guests are bringing, you can craft your board to include the perfect treats for the evening. The recipe is simple. First, take a look through the store’s cheese selection.

You want a good variety of cheese, so try to find a combination of hard, soft, crumbly, and creamy. Make sure to include a cheese that all of your guests are familiar with and enjoy. A good combination example would be an aged cheddar, a hard cheese like Gruyère or Manchengo, a soft Brie, and goat cheese.

Now add in some meats. A mix of flavors and textures is always a plus. Pick some salamis, prosciutto, and chorizo. Choose different levels of spice to add to the variety.

To go above and beyond a cheese plate, choose some spreads to top your treats. Mustards, chutneys, honey and jams compliment the cheeses and meats and can add a pop of spice, or a little sweetness. Fruits and olives can also elevate your board. Grapes are always an easy add, but apple or pear slices are a great choice too! For a holiday twist, add cranberries and candied pecans.

The basis of your charcuterie is the bread and crackers. Pick out some firm crackers that wont crumble when they’re dipped or built upon. Add a baguette for a more filling choice.

There are tons of great pairings online too, if you need some more inspiration.


Caprese is a simple, healthy, and festive appetizer choice that can be assembled in minutes. Grape tomatoes, fresh and creamy mozzarella, and basil is all you need. It’s even red and green! Add a dish of balsamic reduction for dipping and head out the door.


Flatbreads are quick to make, inexpensive, and fun! You can get as creative as you want with these, mixing and matching toppings for lots of options. Stick with familiar toppings like mozzarella and sausage, or step it up with cranberry and goat cheese. To make it easy for guests to eat and keep your tray looking beautiful, cut the flatbreads into triangle slices.

Cranberry Brie Bites

Check out this great recipe we found from for Cranberry Brie Bites.

Brown Sugar Bacon Wrapped Smokie Links

Who doesn’t like bacon? These casual treats can fit in at ay soirée with the extra touch of brown sugar. Wrap mini smokie links in bacon, roll them in brown sugar, and bake. For the full recipe, visit Spend with Pennies.

For a great host gift or Christmas present, shop Tanglewood wine. We hope you have an idea for a great holiday appetizer for all of your get-togethers this season!

Visit Tanglewood at the Wine, Beer, and Food Festival

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Grand Rapids Wine, Beer, and Food Festival


Devos Place downtown Grand Rapids

Now in its 10th year, this festival has established itself as Michigan’s premier tasting event, measured by 1,800 wines, beers, ciders and spirits. From the connoisseur who lives and breathes for the finer things in life to the novice looking for an introduction to the world of food and spirits, this Festival will deliver a grand experience that is sure to please every palette.

Tanglewood Winery will again have a presence at the festival, so make sure you save the date and pay us a visit. Mention this blog post and receive a FREE high-five!

Blue Blood Release

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We have one motto here: “More fruit makes a better wine.” As multigenerational blueberry growers, we’re proud to bring you the richest blueberry port around: Blue Blood. Using only top quality and colorful berries, Blue Blood is carefully crafted, balanced, and aged in small batches to bring out the intense flavor. Rich and decadent with a heavy body, Blue Blood uses no artificial flavors or fillers – simply a high amount of antioxidant fruit.


To produce Blue Blood we utilize varieties of blueberry that are different than its brother, Blue Silk. Although both are made with 100% juice, Blue blood is created from a combination of Rubel and Jersey blueberries, which are smaller and produce a deeper colored wine. In addition, Blue Blood is aged on the skins longer than nearly any other fruit wine, giving it a rich, deep complexity not typically found in fruit-based ports.


True to the Ruby Port style, Blue blood is fortified after fermentation with high proof spirits, and then barrel-aged until it reaches that perfect taste. Each batch of Blue Blood is aged for a different length of time, depending on when that particular batch matures. Blue Blood is a strong wine and works extremely well with strong pairings. Bleu cheese and Blue Blood create possibly the best cheese pairing we have found for any of our wines. Rich desserts are also complimented well, and smoky flavors add a wonderful layer of complexity. A Charcoal-grilled Bleu Cheese Burger with a dark chocolate truffle tart dessert is truly an ideal pairing.

Blue Silk 2017

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Holland, Michigan – The 2017 season was very good for Blue Silk. The Blue Crop fruit was high in natural sugar this year, and had an amazing flavor from day one. Production increased significantly from last year, thanks to a good crop and high demand. The 2016 Vintage sold out within 10 months!

Compared to last year, the 2017 vintage of Blue Silk is very similar, but with a little bit more tart character, and a stronger “Blue Crop” flavor than the 2016. One of the beautiful things about using 100% fruit in our wines is that no two years will taste exactly the same.

There is no recipe for Blue Silk. Each year, the wine is balanced, aged, and bottled by taste alone, with individual care being given to each batch. In the end, the 2017 vintage came out just as balanced and fruit-forward as the past year. Keep your eyes open for the Blue Silk release party coming up around our 1 year anniversary!

Thank you to everyone that made year one possible! A special thanks to our cellar team, Lance Wassink and Ryan Johnson! Keep an eye out for Ryan’s new brewery coming soon to Holland.

Tanglewood winery is a production facility. We do not have a tasting room.