Happy Michigan Wine Month! Have you visited a Michigan winery lately? Great wines are made all over Michigan and, especially during the month of May, we appreciate them.

The winemaking industry has been important to Michigan for hundreds of years. When early settlers arrived here, they discovered wild grape vines from which they could make wine. However, it wasn’t until the 1800s that this could be an actual occupation. The wine industry was able to really take off after the repeal of the Prohibition Act in the 1930s. Since then, Michigan has become home to very many great wineries—producing wine with not only grapes but a selection of different fruits.

There are so many that we can have an entire month to celebrate and recognize them. May is the perfect month to go out and visit a local Michigan winery and get a taste of all the varieties of high-quality wine near you. What a perfect kick off to summer!

To find out where to purchase Tanglewood’s wines, visit http://www.tanglewoodwinery.com/purchase/. Happy Michigan Wine Month!


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