Tanglewood Winery

Tanglewood Winery is located in Holland Michigan not far from the lakeshore. The soil is rich, and perfect for growing some of the best blueberries in the world. Before we started making wine, we were a third generation blueberry farm with just over 130 acres in production. We still farm that same land, and we pride ourselves in only using the best Michigan fruit in our wines.

Friends and family quickly took notice when we started making our first batches of wine with excess fruit. Unlike most fruit wines sold in stores, what we made was 100% fresh fruit with no added flavorings or filler. Since we had more fruit than we had carboys to fit it, it was only logical to make a rich wine. As people began to try it, we realized how much of a difference more fruit made. The color was a deep red usually seen in Merlot or Shiraz, and the flavor was deep and intense. After experimenting with different fruits and finding it to be true with them as well, we decided on a motto: “More Fruit Makes Better Wine.”

Since that discovery, we’ve devoted ourselves to coming up with the richest fruit, dessert, and port wines that can be offered. This comes with many benefits not only to the taste, but also to the health factor of the wine. Blueberries are nearly the highest antioxidant fruit in the world, and we use nearly two pounds of fruit in every bottle of Blue Silk. Every fruit is different, but one thing holds true. In every respect, more fruit does make a better wine.

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From Our Farm to Your Table

The roots of Tanglewood Winery go back three generations to the 1960’s when Gordon Wassink began Farming blueberries here in Holland Michigan. Since then the farm has been passed from father to son, and has gained a reputation over the years for high quality fruit. It is this rich, locally grown fruit that is used in every bottle of Blue Silk.

Blueberries are a fruit that reward patience, often taking 6 or more years to reach maturity. Wine also requires patience, a lesson that we have learned well over the fifty years we have spent in the blueberry industry. After crafting our recipe for years and maturing our wine until the peak of flavor, we are excited to bring this unique wine to Michigan. There is Michigan history in each bottle, making Blue Silk truly “What Michigan Tastes Like.”

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